May 20, 2012

Aventures in Cereal - With Peas!

We're branching out this weekend and adding some flavor to Noah's cereal. I picked up mostly veggies at the store. My sister-in-law recommended to get him hooked on those first and then work with the sweet stuff (fruit) otherwise he may never take to vegetables. Couldn't hurt to try!

I did some research on doing homemade baby food versus store-bought and really it came down to a matter of my tolerance/patience level for doing something homemade. Honestly, I feel like I'm up to my neck in just a plethora of "stuff" that has to get done around the house. Not just the day-to-day items, but as I've mentioned before, things that got thrown to the side in our rush to get Noah. So to add one more task, one more set of dishes to wash, I opted to start out with the store-bought baby food. Besides, I'm really not THAT mom. More power to my friends and other moms that can do natural everything (diapers, food, etc) - I pick and choose my battles for now and re-evaluate as we go along.

So to get back on track.....we tried peas today with our rice cereal and it went well. The husband has constantly been sticking foods in Noah's mouth for him to suck on so I wasn't that surprised. He enjoys experiencing new tastes. We'll give peas a few days and then move on to something new.

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