November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving, Molars and the Flu

That's our week in a nutshell. So....yeah.

The molars came first actually. I'm now an experienced enough mom to know when my kid starts gnawing on any living or inanimate object within reach, he's teething. This time it's molars. I counted at least three, when he lets me check that is. My dentist will be so disappointed that my child doesn't like people to look at his teeth against his will. We're managing better than the first few times Noah was teething, but now we're having to enforce what he can and cannot chew on.

Toys, teethers, stuffed animals and plastic cups, yes.
Leather couches, no.
The window sill (in which the plaster has been neatly scraped off in the form of a little mouth), no.
Mommy and Daddy, still no.

Noah's first Thanksgiving was fun to say the least. Both of our families live in the area, so Thanksgiving Day was with the husband's family and the Saturday after was with my family...including an Uncle that went home feeling sick and came down with the flu (more about that later).

I think I've been honest in saying that we've been quite experimental in letting Noah try all kinds of food. It's been to our detriment in some ways but other than that he loves a variety of food. So his first Thanksgiving meal (and second) was a hit. Especially my own green bean casserole, of course.

Sunday was my nephews 4th birthday party - a "Green" birthday. His favorite color is green. They had a small bouncy house where I took the BEST photo ever of Noah (see below) and a lot of kids. After the long crazy holiday weekend we were ready to relax for a few days.

Tuesday morning, Noah woke in a coughing fit and congestion and the second I held him I knew he had a fever. His temperature was 102 and the pediatrician wanted us to come in. The first appointment available was Wednesday morning so we had instructions to take Noah to an emergency care facility if his temp rose any higher. What's so typical of Noah is that even though he felt terrible he was still trying to play but overall he was incredibly more snuggly than usual.

He was steady most of the day until later afternoon when it spiked to almost 104. The CareNow nearest our house had a 3-4 hour wait so we headed to the local ER and were taken care of immediately. Poor Noah was subjected to a battery of tests: the "fun" way of getting your temperature taken, two x-rays, nose swab and just plain feeling miserable. We made sure his passy and blankie were there the whole time and the husband pulled up videos of Yo Gabba Gabba on his phone as a distraction.

The verdict...influenza.

We've been home now for two days and the fever finally stopped creeping up today. We do have to give Noah two medicines, twice in the morning and twice at night. Now that he's somewhat feeling normal he's not fighting me on it anymore. He's unusually good about taking meds. He's still very stuffed though so when we greet him in the morning it's to a cake of dried boogers on his nose. Poor guy.

We don't know where it came from, whether it was my uncle or having been around a bunch of kids Sunday morning at church or that afternoon at my nephew's party. We made sure to share the news that he had the flu so others could be on the lookout.

My guy is a trooper and we survived our first sickness. Sure, he's had the sniffles before but nothing like this. I'm thankful that he's consistently healthy and active and we'll just roll with the punches when they come.

Watching football with the guys at Noah's first Thanksgiving
The "green" birthday party. Bouncy house and sporting Kermit the Frog

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