October 16, 2013

Pumpkin Patch and Progress

Progress #1: So I swore on Facebook that I would NEVER be that mom/parent who would publicly announce to all my friends that my kids went potty on the toilet. Or announce any bathroom-related behaviors belonging to my kids for that matter.

But this not Facebook.

Noah peed in the toilet tonight! We haven't been anywhere near to considering toilet training mostly because I guess we think he's too young. We do, however, talk up a lot of things about what we're doing while he's watching such as going to the bathroom. Tonight we were doing Aaron's bedtime routine and Noah came by and was saying "pee pee?" Lately he's been telling us that and "poopy" and moments later his diaper holds the result. So tonight I took a chance and asked him if he wanted to go on the toilet. A nod of the head and a few seconds later I had him sitting on the toilet. And....nothing happened. He was grunting a lot but couldn't will anything to come out. So off he went with full assurance from me that we could try again; which we did two minutes later and low and behold - success! I was so freaking giddy it was ridiculous. I immediately thought "what can I give him as a reward" and then I caught myself. Why start the whole bait and reward thing if he'll just learn to do it without. Haha! It may have been a fluke but doesn't matter because I'm ready to go out and buy a kid's toilet seat and a step stool and whatever else he needs in the event he wants to try again.

Progress #2: Aaron is FINALLY crawling!

About two weeks ago I was able to catch him in the act of scooting around on his knees after a ball. It was slow going and even now he crawls around with one hand closed in a fist and on one knee but he's mobile and I love it! Some of my mom friends worry about their kids being mobile. I did with my first but with the second kid now things can get back to normal! He's adventurous and can come find me when he wants me! Both of our lives are so much easier and with the house already baby proofed he can roam as much as his little heart desires.

Progress #3: We are more than halfway done with "losing" Noah's pacifier. He's been a little obsessed about it so finally we nixed the passy during the day and he only gets it at night. He'll still ask for it when he's sad or tired and it's difficult to tell him "no" but it's so much better he doesn't have it. As a result...and as a result of being in school...his vocabulary really is taking off. The below list is just a reference of new words for myself to look back on but feel free to read on:

New Colors: Purple, Red, Black, Brown, Green (sort of)
Train = Tray
Brother = Bubba
Up = Uuuup
Down = Dooooown
All Done = Done
Grandpa = Bapa

Pumpkin Patch: It's an annual tradition now! I was so thrilled it was the husband who brought up the pumpkin patch first. Last year he wasn't too into it and thought we should just do a more local one instead of driving 30-40 minutes. But he suggested the one we went to last year so I'm hoping it's a regular occurrence. It was fun and challenging because not much keeps Noah's attention at this point in time. Although he did love the hayride and mini-train ride. Honestly, I think pumpkin patches are more for the parents when they're that little. And we managed to get some good photos. We try to catch the pumpkin patch early in the month before it gets too crowded. I love going because it's almost a part of signaling that Fall is here and pretty soon the cool weather!

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