February 1, 2016

2016 Reading Challenge

I'm a reader. I love to read, especially when I find a good series or an author who's a cut above the rest. However, since having children, the amount of books that I've completed has severely diminished each year as we added more little people to the fold.

2015 was perhaps the worst year in that I can only recall finishing one book...and it was terrible. It was nearly added to the "started-but-not-finished" pile but I forced myself to read it. The Magicians was one of eight books I took on my cruise back in March, (hey, a girl has to have options) and after false-starting two other novels, I was moderately interested in this one.

Since drudging through The Magicians - which, by the way, has two sequels that have no hope of ever being on my reading list radar - my success rate in finishing a book plummeted. I started several books but the majority went by the wayside after the first couple of chapters.

So here is my 2016 resolution, if you will.       


I found a challenge online that I think can get me back on track as it is realistic and not impossible. I'm even printing copies and placing them on the fridge and in my office. Then on top of the visual reminders, I've decided to dedicate nap time to reading. We're finally on a schedule where all three of my kiddos take a nap all together so lately all I do is crash in front of the TV while enjoying my lunch in quiet with a good show. Since the husband and I typically do the same thing in the evenings, I know I can relax with a good book in the middle of the day just the same.

So here's my challenge and hopefully I'll remember to update as I go along. As for a start date, I'll start just as soon as I finish the final season of Revenge on Netflix. :)

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