December 24, 2011

A Christmas Gift

I almost didn't answer the phone this morning. Not that delaying the call would have changed anything except the oncoming of this overwhelming feeling of elation that I feel right now. It's a little bit of shock mixed in with determination and complete awe over how our world is about to turn upside down.

He was born December 19th...and his birth mom and dad chose us!

Amazing how we've been aimlessly going about life this week, completely unaware that only a few hours away we had a son waiting for us. People remember those moments that are life-changing. I've experienced only a handful - usually over the phone - but this Christmas Eve morning tops them all.

Everything our caseworker told us fits. He's healthy and waiting. We are excused from having to go through the stressful, nerve wracking prerequisites of meeting the birth mom/dad and anticipating the moment they sign the release papers. God is not only gifting us with a son this Christmas but I know he also heard my fears and is somehow allowing us to skip everything that made me nervous about the adoption process.

All that stands between us is a couple of classes. This certainly been the best Christmas of my life!

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