December 28, 2011

People Do This Every Day

...have babies and bring them home. But in one week???!!!

I was able to secure a private CPR class for the husband and I Friday morning which means we get to bring Noah home Friday afternoon!

Work kind of got thrown out the window. I emailed a few people only to turn around and tell my bosses that I was leaving for the day at noon and wouldn't be back in the office. THANK GOD they like me at my job! Although they are just as excited as I am...a baby shower is already in the works.

We were blessed with a free bassinet from a co-worker at my job. It's close to brand new and it's exactly something I would pick out for myself. One less thing to buy!

I was extremely grateful to be able to speak with the transitional care mom today. She said Noah is a really sweet, easy baby so far. He's on the correct night/day schedule and she says he loves to snuggle but doesn't feel the need to be held all the time. And he loves his swing. I feel so incredibly blessed already and I pray that he continues to be an "easy baby" once he's in our care.

This afternoon was a big shopping spree for immediate necessities and clothes (Babies R Us was a hit with their additional 50% off all sale/clearance items). Aside from that, big purchase #1 was a swing for Noah (very hard to pick out) and of course #2 was his car seat and stroller combo. So far, so good!

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