December 29, 2011


Is this really happening??? I've never been pregnant but I feel like all the women who have to schedule their delivery. No surprise on when they'll go into labor - it's set in stone. Except for us, we have an exact time to narrow it down to exactly when we meet Noah. There's no waiting around for contractions, labor pains and one ever knows how long that will take in the end before they're rewarded with a little pink bundle of joy.

I was telling the husband tonight that the outside world seems to have stopped and not exist aside from our small group of friends. New Years Eve is two nights away and it could have passed without me noticing.

But now I understand what people mean about "pregnancy brain". In reality, I think it's that our minds are going a mile a minute trying to make sure we have everything we need for the moment when that baby is in our arms. So yes, I find myself walking upstairs several times a day and forgetting everything as to why I went there.

Tonight is our last night just the husband and I. We celebrated with a nice meal and just enjoyed each others' company. After the couple of cocktails I had, I should be able to sleep great tonight - the last full night's sleep for a while.

Final part of this whole week to plan - how and when to break the news on Facebook. Yikes.

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