December 31, 2011

We Have A Son

I couldn't write yesterday. It was such an overwhelming day. They placed this little person in our arms and we got to take him home - to keep. I say "overwhelming" in the sense that it wasn't difficult having a newborn in our home but the fact that my husband wanted to invite the whole world over. Haha! Thank God for best friends and mothers-in-law who have sense to ask the new mom. :)

Nah, I love my husband but his pace is a little quicker than mine. He has been an amazing dad these last 24 hours! He's wanted to do everything for the baby: feeding, burping, diapers, laundry, clothes... I couldn't feel more loved by my husband as he is showing through his love for Noah.

Meryl (Noah's transitional care mom) told us that he was a good baby sleeping for long hours at night. We couldn't have had a better first night! Noah slept from about midnight to 7:00am. He'd wake up, yelp a little and usually right on time to pop a bottle in his mouth. He hates that he missed it, but the husband never stirred last night. The 4:30am feeding, Noah and I slept on the couch and the husband came down just as we were waking up.

Our angel

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