February 21, 2012

Crib Sheets Are An Art Form

We're in the fun stage of putting Noah's room together. At least "I'm" in the fun stage. My husband could almost care less as long as I stick with the theme (that's a whole other story). Noah isn't quite ready to sleep in his crib but as a first time mom that obviously does not deter me from having it set up properly!

Below is the end result but let me tell you, I spent a good 5 minutes figuring how to put the darned crib sheet on the mattress.

Attempt #1: Fingers pinched working one side of the mattress out of the crib and then realizing that the mobile needs to come off in order for me to really have a chance at getting this done correctly.

Attempt #2: Mobile is off. I'm pretty sure that this sheet does not fit. Yep, it's the wrong size. The stripes should be going horizontally.

Attempt #3: Let's try from another angle. Nope, I was right - there's no way this sheet will fit.

Attempt #4: Oh - I guess the sheet does fit. Stripes are supposed to lay vertically. Success!!!

The second half to this debacle was getting the sheet saver tied down to the head of the crib which required  pulling the furniture away from the wall to get the saver properly secure (my hands are too big to really do much through the slats on the sides)....a much easier concept to grasp than the crib sheet.

So here it is - the final product. And yes, the bear will be removed once Noah is old enough to start squirming around. Now to buy more sheets for backup!

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