February 25, 2012

Field Trip Saturday - Edition #1

A new recurrence, if you will - Field Trip Saturdays! I have nothing more creative to call it than what it is right now. All credit to the husband for suggesting we get out as a family and make Saturday lunches our time to hit up a restaurant and do something else beside sit at home.

Most likely this series will be nothing more than a recall of our day but it will be good to look back and see what we've done and how this new tradition started.

The Mecca of all grocery stores - Central Market - was our destination today. While the husband waited for the butchers, Noah and I strolled around looking at goodies I should never buy but somehow manage to come home with a tasty treat. I love CM's "cafeteria", which the husband introduced to me earlier last year. They have anything imaginable you might want for a meal ready to be served. I couldn't resist the twice baked potato and of course a serving of grilled chicken.

The husband checked out while Noah and I found a table and started his bottle. During the process I happened to notice a table of teenage girls glancing frequently at us as he ate. I'm assuming it's because Noah is so darned cute, but it left me realizing how I'm now susceptible to "all" the experiences as a mom. When I used to babysit our nephews or friends' kids, if we were in public getting attention from others because of the kids felt foreign and unwelcome to me; frankly because they weren't my children. With Noah I feel such a sense of pride as his mom and it amazes how quickly I slipped into that role.

It was a good day.

Today's Cuisine: Central Market

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