March 24, 2012

Field Trip Saturday - Edition #5

Honesty Hour: Today was not a good day for me. I promised myself I would not become one of those moms that smiles and puts on a front pretending to the world that life is just great. I'm thankful that we are only 13 weeks in with Noah and this is just now my first "bad day". Glad it's over.

We tried to do too much today. It was enjoyable but too much for Noah. We set out for lunch only to sit in traffic then arrive at our destination only to decide the long wait was not worthwhile. The husband whipped out his trusty Yelp app and we found a local Mexican restaurant we hadn't been to before. GREAT choice! The food was excellent and I think I need to go back for their margaritas. (Happy Hour anyone?)

We made a quick stop at Babies R Us and headed home. All this time, from when he first woke up until about 2pm, Noah had barely took two 20 minute naps. We only had a couple of hours to waste at home as we had been invited to dinner at someone's lake house.

The husband went early to help his friend with something and I was to join later. Poor Noah was so sleepy, he conked out roughly 30 minutes before we needed to leave. I felt terrible getting him up into the car seat and heading out - and yes, he cried his little eyes out for the first half of the trip. It's even worse when he cries now because his little tear ducts are sad.

Once we arrived, everything was fine. Noah is totally an outside baby so he loved chilling on the porch looking over the lake.

It was a good ending to a rough day. But I'm ready for a full "good" day.

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