March 14, 2012

When to Vacay?

I have the cruise bug. It's a dangerous bug to get because it usually results in me somehow getting my way and winding up on a cruise to Caribbean. I love cruising even though I get seasick. Last year we made it on two cruises and have averaged one a year since 2009.

So this got me thinking...when (if possible) do most parents take their first vacation away from the kids?

We are blessed to have both sets of Noah's grandparents living in the same city, plus Uncles and Aunts, that we have a plethora of babysitter options. Obviously I would not want to leave Noah in their capable hands until he was officially sleeping through the night and had his schedule down. Even after discussing with my mother-in-law, I know without a doubt they'd be on board to share Noah duty if we were to take a vacation.

My own parents went to Hawaii when I was barely a year old so this undoubtedly makes me feel better knowing that I came out unscathed from my parents missing 10 days of my life.

I'm not quite ready to leave Noah regardless of his sleep schedule, but I also feel drawn toward making some plans for a future trip with just the husband and I - cruise or no cruise.

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