October 18, 2012

Doing the Wave

I won't lie, I've been lazy about making the effort to open my laptop, boot it up, log in and make any new posts. Most likely for a combination of a few reasons:

1. I'm lazy and when Noah is down for a nap or bedtime, I'd rather be reading or catching up on my DVR recordings. Or, God forbid, sucking it up and actually doing some housework.

2. We recently opened up the entire downstairs for Noah to be able to run about. Meaning, the cat food and water went upstairs into our bedroom and the power cords, etc. to my laptop remain rolled up and out of the way during the day. Therefore, it's tedious to pull out the cords and put them back every time I want to use the laptop.

3. It is possible for me to update from my iphone/ipad using the Blogger app, but let's face it, I have way more control and can type faster by updating via the laptop. Apple has definitely helped to make me technologically lazy, as a friend and I were recently discussing. I have access to the world at my fingertips on my phone to where waiting the full 90 seconds for my laptop to be ready for action seems to take FOR-EV-ER.

So here I am now, with several ideas for a post roaming around in my head, so I think I'll stick with the most recent turn of events.

Whether I may have mentioned on this blog or not, several of Noah's milestones have been acted upon or occurred because of one of our cats. Not us, his beloved mom and dad, but a dang cat. He first laughed at a cat. His first steps were to a cat. Of course, it would be fitting that his first time to wave would be to a member of the animal kingdom.

For several months now, when the husband leaves for work in the morning, Noah and I stand on the porch and wave bye-bye to Daddy. Over and over and over again until the truck drives off into the sunrise. I even try to move his chubby little hand for him but he'll just shrug me off as best he can.

The husband was off from work early yesterday so we headed out for an impromptu visit to the zoo (it's half price Wednesday). It was beautiful outside and surprisingly the big animals were up and about. We got to the birds and as the husband and I were conversing with one of the macaws (they like to repeat your "hellos"), lo and behold, Noah holds his little hand up and starts to rotate it back and forth at the dumb bird. We knew exactly what he was doing.

And in good baby fashion, ever since then he repeats his little wave in awe that he is making that motion and at the same time understanding what it means. But will he do it when prompted by us? Noooooo. That would be too easy. Either way, it's a step in the right direction toward Noah learning to communicate!

We'll just keep waving from the porch whether he decides to join in or not.

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