October 7, 2012

Bi-Annual Sick Time

It's rare that I get sick (knock on wood). Yes, I may have the sniffles every once in a while but I don't consider a cold or allergies as being ill. I can't even remember the last time I was down for the count either. But the one bad thing about getting seasonal allergies is that once in a while, something is left over. This time being a nasty cough.

I finally took myself to the doctor yesterday and the verdict...drumroll, please...bronchitis. Yay. It really sucks (excuse the lack of better words) to have to cough so hard you throw up. They couldn't determine if it's bacterial or viral so I have an array of antibiotics to take over the next five days. I'm praying no one else gets the bug.

Before all the drama we did have a beautiful morning spending time as a family. It's the first official day of Texas Fall weather - 50 degrees - so we bundled Noah up and got out of the house. I must say, my little guy is super cute in his cold weather gear. I mean, really cute. We went to lunch and spent some time at the local gardens. I brought my camera but had I known we were going to the gardens I would have put Noah in a much more nicer outfit for pics but still ended up with some great shots.

We ended the afternoon by filing our taxes. Shame! Yes, I know! We needed Noah's SSN and all that to be able to claim him on our return which is why we filed for extension. We are definitely cutting it close.

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