January 10, 2013

Noah: Professional Taste Tester

It's starting too soon. I know who's to blame but I won't state their name or familial title in public.

Although, I hear that every kid goes through their "picky eater"stage. We're lucky if we can get Noah to consume green beans now (which are used to be his favorite). He certainly won't trust anything we try to put in his mouth anymore. It must pass a rigorous touch and texture test before going into the mouth and even then it's still subject to approval.

Chicken, fish and meats are on the approved list. And as stated in another post, eggs are a daily part of our morning routine. Fruits are definitely on the list, especially grapes and pears. And what meal is not complete without CHEESE! Glorious cheese! (As Noah would put it if he could talk.)

Texture is currently the make or break factor. If it can be squished, it will be squished. If it's slimy (aka. with sauces), it's a 50/50 chance he'll try it. We can sneak something into his mouth - something we know he likes - just so he'll remember that "Oh, yes! I like that!" But it's not worth fighting over some decent composure at dinner time.We used to be able to do the whole "baby eats what we're eating" thing, but I've had to improvise a bit. I don't think he's quite old enough yet to enforce certain dinner rules.

As far as I know, he's ever tried a real french fry in his life (although certain foods have been snuck behind my back countless times), but tonight I did homemade baked sweet potato "fries". They were pretty easy and thankfully he liked them! I'll most likely be cutting up the rest of the potatoes to freeze for later use, if I can find the time to even do that.

All in all, Noah is a fairly healthy eater, but that kid is done experimenting with foods for now.

**And 99% of moms with toddlers nod their head in pity and agreement. *Sigh.

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