June 10, 2013

Noah's First Haircut

Noah didn't really have hair until he was around 9-10 months old. He had the blonde fuzz but it wasn't until later that we started to see sweet little curls forming on his head.

As someone who has had straight hair forever, I was baffled by what to do with his curls but found that for the most part they took care of themselves. Beautiful, tight little curls.

Lately, the husband has been wanting to take care of the length, which until recently had been manageable. A friend who is a hair dresser recommended a specific product for Noah's hair type, so I could easily get it tamed but he always had patches that were longer than others. When wet, he was totally sporting a mullet and another section just seemed to poof out uncontrollably. 

I don't know what came over me. I never expected to have an attachment to this milestone, but I found myself holding back tears today as the husband and I took Noah for his first haircut.

It's a kids-only salon with special chairs for the smaller kiddos. Noah was thrilled at first to get to sit in one of the old, tin firetrucks they had hoisted in front of a small TV playing our choice of Mickey Mouse or Dora (we went with Mickey). After a few moments he started looking very confused. He maybe fussed for a second but when the stylist showed Noah her "tickle wand" (aka clippers) and let him touch it and feel the tickling vibrations, he seemed to be ok with that. 

I thought we were going in for a trim but the husband ordered for Noah to get a #2...yeah, as a woman I have no knowledge of which to base that on. So a #2 turned out to be a lot shorter than I had wanted...definitely NOT a trim. About halfway thru he started squirming so we whipped out a sucker to keep him occupied. It worked!

All his little curls were in a pile behind his chair. I seriously almost couldn't look. At first he just looked like he was 9 months old again which made my disappointment even greater. I know! I know! They'll grow back. But I didn't want to lose them completely. Maybe if we had done a level or two up. 

Overall he did really well and was a good boy for the stylist whom I loved. He felt comfortable with her and she around us for his first haircut.

I'm still getting used to it. I'm sure his head feels a lot cooler at least. We got a certificate and a lock of his hair but in some ways I wish I could take it back. I honestly didn't think I'd be "that" mom!

My mom-opinions aside, he still looks so handsome and instead of a toddler he's now looking more like a little boy. I'm ready for him to grow out of some things but I find myself loving his toddler stage and not wanting it to go by too quickly.

A "before" picture - Feeling the "tickle wand"

Here we go!

The sucker hit the spot!

All the beautiful curly locks of hair.

The #2 cut

Hair is "trimmed". Driving the firetruck with sucker in mouth. All is well.

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