July 5, 2012

Oregon - Day Seven

I'm not going to jinx ourselves but I think Noah might be becoming "okay" with riding in the car. Either that or we just got really lucky with our timing today. It was the biggest driving day planned and every place we stopped made the drive worth it!

I don't have pictures of our first stop but we made it to Diamond Lake for lunch and the view was breathtaking. In fact, had we known about this place we would have made plans to stay a night or two but it for sure is on the "future vacation" list. The lodge seemed so inviting although the food could've used some help but I bet they had cabins where we could cook on our own.

The main attraction: Crater Lake. It's indescribably beautiful and just took my breath away. We couldn't drive the full rim of the lake due to snow - yes, snow - but managed to get some amazing pictures.

Snow! Real snow!

All of the crew!

Staying in some random small 300-person town tonight but of all places, we found the most amazing Mexican food restaurant! Go figure!

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